Saturday, November 17, 2012

Trail Running and the Weekend!

Since it is off season for USA Fit Rio, there are just some randomly spaced runs coordinated by the coaches. Not many people attend, but it is still a nice motivator, to get to run with others instead of by myself. I woke up at 7:00 due to pups wanting to go out to potty. I got up, made two fried eggs and three pieces of bacon (although I'm not real sure why we call them fried... I still cook them in Pam, but just dot scramble them up). Fried makes it sound like I poured an inch of oil in a pan and let it fry! Breakfast was good - pups helped with the last piece of bacon and a bit of the eggs. I still have problems eating right when I get up, but I surely wasn't getting up earlier on a Saturday!

I met coach Amy, and some other Rio Fit runners including Michelle, Alison and Arv at Walgreens (score! Only 6 minutes from the house). We ran out two miles and back two miles. It was a challenging run - lots of hills and very sandy! Might as well been running on the beach (except no waves to look at and listen to). I ran out with Michelle and we chatted a bit, and then I ran back with Alison. We chatted also. It is nice to run with her bc she isn't that far into her running journey and she describes the same troubles as me - wanting to lose a bit of weight, hitting the wall while running, etc.).

We finished up after some chats, at about 9:45 and I headed home. I feel pretty good post run, and I think my body is starting to adjust better to the low carb diet. I am a bit hungry now, and I even got up and did the dishes with the intent I find a snack, but didn't. Oh well, at least something got done, lol :).

I'm planning on getting off my booty, showering, and heading out for some shopping today. I need to do some shopping for myself, I MEAN start my Christmas shopping! ; )

Jason is at martial arts and has UFC fight at a friends house tonight - NO THANK YOU! I'll just continue my shopping journey and maybe catch a pedicure. My feet deserve it!

Happy weekend and happy running!

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