Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eating and Running and lots of Scatterbrain-ness!

So it turns out that your eating habits directly correlates to how you perform while running... who knew? No really, it has been quite challenging to stay low-carb, and run as productively as I was (which is a bit scary since my purpose was to lose weight to get faster; not to become slower!)

I stated my third low carb week this past Monday, and I have to say, the diet is getting easier. The biggest challenge is ensuring I have new things to eat, so I do not get bored. I've found that it actually isn't that hard to eat out while on this diet - I just order differently. Before, I would eat some sort of wrap, burger, or french dip like menu item - not I splurge and get the steak that comes with steamed vegetables, and a pre-meal salad. It's funny what I consider a "diet," my husband would consider heaven, minus the vegetables of course! We went to Texas Roadhouse last night for dinner - hubby ordered a steak and shrimp, and I ordered a grilled chicken salad minus the tomato and croutons, plus ranch dressing. All was superb, including hubby's steak which I snagged a bite of. One thing that is hard at TX Roadhouse - those yummy warm rolls with cinnamon butter... When the hostess was seating us, I asked her to please not bring those to our table. No temptation if its not in front of me. No problem!

Since I am in lose mode, I've been trying to do some less intense cardio since it seems to be taking a while for my body to adapt to burning fat. Instead of my normal 30-60 minute runs, I am hitting the gym and doing the stair climber or elliptical for 60 minutes or more. It gives me the same (and sometimes more) burn, but without feeling like I am hitting a wall after 30 minutes. Right now, running 30 minutes is fairly easy, but it seems like at 30 minutes I hit a wall. I can go a lot longer on the stair climber/elliptical. I also notice that when I make my homemade sports drink, I perform more consistently... no "wall hit" at 30 minutes. I'm hoping as the low-carb lifestyle continues, my body better adapts to fueling with fat. Only time will tell.

I've definitely lost a few pounds so far. I haven't weighed myself yet because I want to wait as long as I can so when I see the pounds fall off, its more than a couple. I know I have lost some weight by the jeans - unfortunately it feels like its in the wrong places as all of my jeans are big in the butt now!

In other news, I have recently found some amazing blogs to follow. I've always followed some professional female runners blogs, but now I've stumbled onto some normal girls, like me. Some runners for just a couple years, some have been runners for 10+ years. I love reading about where they started from, where they are now, and where they want to be. I feel like I am somewhere in the middle, with many goals to progress in my future. It's great to read about normal people - we can't all be professional athletes!

That is enough ramble for now.

Exercise plans for the day: Elliptical at gym for 60 minutes. Maybe some strength training after.

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