Saturday, November 10, 2012

Run, Pilates & Yoga

Woke up early for a Saturday morning - 5:45 AM to be exact, yuck! Since I missed some runs this week, I wanted to go meet Katie & Danielle to run with the Lululemon group. I ate about 1 1/3 scrambled eggs bc it was making me gag; had some coffee and headed out the door. I got to Lululemon at about 7:15 AM. It was about 45 degrees. We ran about 30 minutes. I felt pretty decent during the run, despite my small un-yummy breakfast. Post run, we headed inside Lulu for some Pilates led by Danielle and then Yoga led by Katie. I'm not going to lie - by about 8:30 (30 minutes into Pilates and Yoga), I felt pretty cruddy. Probably partially diet and partially coming inside to 70 degrees when I was sweating and immediately starting Pilates. We finished up at 9:00 AM and I headed back to my side of town. I talked briefly with Katie, Danielle and Julia about whether or not I was doing the PF Changs half in Phoenix, in January. Truthfully I haven't decided. I want to do that run, but that is a two hour event, and losing weight is way more important, so I can be successful at subsequent races. I truthfully don't feel like I can run over five or so miles, without going back to a carbo-licious diet. I don't want to be tortured thru the whole race. I think I'll try to continue what I am doing, see how much weight I can lose by maybe Christmas time, and then decide.

It's a pretty cold day in ABQ. It actually night snow tonight. I might go run in the AM anyway. Lets just see how sore I am!

Besides all that, all is well. I'm sticking to my diet, and had an incredible dinner from Pappadeaux last night - jalapeƱo and cheese stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon and drenched-with-butter spaghetti squash! Delicious! Sometimes this diet can be pretty awesome! Should have taken a picture, but you will just have to drool at my description! Mmmhhhhhh!

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